300 Yard Impact Golf Training Aid

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The 300 Yard Impact glove trains your body on how to move properly in the golf swing and get into the correct impact position every time. Getting into the correct impact position is not obtained by making just one or two particular moves in the golf swing but instead is a culmination of a lot of correct moves that happens as a result of the body swinging the club without tension and in the correct sequence. 300 yard impact training aid will help you to get to the correct impact by eliminating a variety of swing faults simultaneously.

Swing Faults Addressed

300 Yard Impact training aid has taken over a year of product development such that the training aid actually eliminates multiple swing fault. The 300 Yard Impact training aid comes with a glove and grip with a pre-installed shortened shaft to simulate the feel of holding an actual golf club. Getting the pad at the back of the glove flush against the wall every time will automatically train your body to eliminate the following swing faults:

What is 300 Yard Impact?

How To Use

Our Story


Monte Scheinblum is a former world long drive champion and web.com Tour player. His innovative teaching draws golfers from every continent to his lesson tee in Irvine, California. He has worked with golfers from beginner, all the way up to PGA tour players. At the golf schools he conducts across The U.S. and The U.K. He uses his knowledge of the latest technology and teaching methods combined with his old school knowledge on how to play the game and “feel it.”


300 Yard Impact exists to help golfers intuitively understand how to reach the correct impact position by eliminating many swing faults simultaneously and building a repeatable golf swing that works for them.


I invented this device for two reasons. One, I wanted people to be able to learn and repeat the basic motor skills needed for a good golf swing, when they didn’t have time or the weather didn’t allow them a trip to the range and if they didn’t have a hitting bay in their house. It also helps people get past their desire to hit at the ball and produce poor movements as a result. It changes the focus from the ball and results of one shot into proper body movements and sequencing in order to execute a flush pad hit against the wall. All common swing faults will not allow a proper strike on the wall, so they are eliminated in favor of proper ones without the anxiety of a shot result holding you back.

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