PGA - Best New Product Award Winner

The AcuStrike Impact Golf Training Mat employs a special fiber fabric. It is designed to leave a dark mark that shows you where your club head hit in relation to the ball. After you see the mark left on the mat, you can instantly begin to correct your swing. 

Acustrike Reviews

The instant feedback and being able to see exactly where our club head is striking the ball was a big factor in correcting swing pattern errors that I had for a long time. I never fully understood why my ball was doing what it was doing. Well, now I do. 


Stu, USA.

I think it is phenomenal. It gives you immediate feedback. I haven’t seen a golfing device on the market like it. 


James Wilkes. PGA Professional.

This has got to be one of the best products I have ever used for improving my golf game. The kids and I are learning so much from the Acustrike Golf Mat.


John, UK.

I shaved 14 Strokes off of my game in the first month of using Acustrike. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their golf game. Certainly worth the price. 


Frank, USA

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2019 Best new product - pga

Acustrike Golf Mat

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